A Good Year for Trilogies: the Best Selling Video Games of 2011

Image Credit: Medialivecenter.com
Ah 2011. The year Prince William and Catherine Middleton tied the knot, some lucky human’s throat hosted the world’s first artificial organ transplant, and Osama Bin Laden was removed from the mortal realm. But much cooler than all this real life mumbo jumbo is the bevy of top-selling video games produced within this 365-day batch of time. From ruthless first-person shooters to dance-happy sequels, here are the top five best-selling video games across all the major platforms (in North America; other countries have different results), as reported by the always trustworthy NPD Group, Inc. Take a gander…
A Good Year for Trilogies: the Best Selling Video Games of 2011

5Madden NFL 12 (360, PS3, Wii, PSP, PS2)

A testament to the number of gamers with red hot cases of grid-iron fever, this solid franchise installment from EA Tiburon (got to love these software publishing names) didn’t change too much from a tried and true equation. Arriving at the tail end of a real life NFL lockout and the cancellation of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, Madden ‘12 delivered exactly what it needed to — better graphics, a handful of new plays, improved AI, and the fan favorite option of building online “Communities” for quick access to likeminded players. Also, further updating the game to create awareness for the severity of concussions in the NFL, players who had suffered such head trauma during a match were not allowed to return to the game (it’s the little things that count!)

So there it is, North America’s best-selling games of 2011. All in all, this list makes members of the game-playing society look pretty darn good — some war here, some fantasy there, a touch of sports, all rounded out with actual physical activity. What games do you think should have outsold these?

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