Mario and Friends’ Bloodbath: The Best-Selling Video Games of 2008

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In 2008, a horrible video game plague swept the globe, with only Nintendo Wii containing the right components to withstand the disaster. As a result, four out of the five best-selling games in 2008 belonged to the Wii console, and three of those four came bundled with some sort of daffy controllers. Well, not really — the PS3 was still futzing around with a master plan, and the Xbox 360 did what it could with the available titles, but when the dust settled, folks were just way more psyched to get physical, Wii style.
Mario and Friends’ Bloodbath: The Best-Selling Video Games of 2008

4Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) — 4.17 million

A “smashing” success in the Smash Bros. franchise, Brawl souped-up just about everything in this third installment by adding even more playable characters (going outside Nintendo familiars). Also present is the option of online play and an Adventure Mode with all sorts of cutscenes and level bosses, plus the ability to use four different types of controllers, for those die-hard Gamecubers and old school Nintendo enthusiasts. So yeah, this one basically is a lot of fun for groups and chances are parents felt okay enough about the cartoon violence to let junior indulge in brawls until his eyes dried to dust. Also, Snake from Metal Gear!

That’s that gang: a real honest-to-numbers look at what sold like hot cakes in 2008. Sure these titles raked in the most moola, but do you think the financial success was deserved? What accounted for this uptick in Wii dominance? Why not go ahead and slap together your own list of how things might have sold in an alternate, Nintendo-less, universe?

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