These Are the Absolute Best Skateboarding Video Games Ever

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Every hardcore shredder knows it's been a long road wrought with sketchy runways and annoying speed wobbles for video games that truly represent the sensation of skateboarding. Many have tried, but few titles capture the sport's pretty straightforward key elements: a simple, original premise (i.e. one board, myriad obstacles), sense of anti-authority, the nuance and array of tricks (and associated gnarly bails), requisite humor necessary to deal with said eating of concrete/cop hassles, and rad music to tie it all together. Easy, right? Wrong! Unless we're talking the exclusive rankers making up the following list. These — and only these bad boys, in the order given, are certified ramp royalty.
These Are the Absolute Best Skateboarding Video Games Ever


Atari's 720 — as in degrees, was the earliest installment here and the only one where a swarm of bees attacks players if they don't choose an event to participate in (just like real life?) Available both as an arcade game (with a perplexing rolling ball control), and NES title, this title exposed players to several contest-themed events: Ramp, Downhill, Slalom, and one known simply as "Jump," that required a targeted landing. All of them were really hard and the arguably most fun part of the game was the purgatory of “Skate City,” where again, bees would attack if one were to doddle here too long. Still, a “Game Over” helped popularize the phrase “Skate or Die!” and what 720 got wrong, others corrected. Also, the arcade cabinet incorporated a cool boombox design with actual working speakers, so that’s got to count for something.

There’s a fair amount of other titles out there that were either too repetitive or simply unimpressive to be included. This group represents the best of the best, in the perfect order. Anyone who says otherwise is clearly a poser, but go ahead and try your own list — just don’t be surprised when it ends in road rash.

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