Groundbreaking Adaptations of Video Games into Film

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Translating a concept from one medium to another is no small feat, especially when that creative journey involves making the leap from video game to the big screen. Many have tried, and even more have failed (looking at you Double Dragon), but along the way there have been some worthwhile efforts (not looking at you Street Fighter). Without a doubt, here are the very best in pixel to celluloid adaptations.
Groundbreaking Adaptations of Video Games into Film

4Resident Evil

Okay, so this sucker flitted and darted around the video game storyline like a drunken hummingbird — even creating a main character that appears nowhere in the games, but the outcome was still pretty awesome. It’s hard to throw shade down too hard on a movie that features a macabre comic beat revolving around a super-soldier getting sliced into cubes by a laser booby-trap. Plus it was rated R! Whereas the original Capcom title put players in the shoes of Raccoon City police officers squaring off against zombies, this film dove headlong into the mythology of the Umbrella Corporation making stops for the undead and genetically altered mutants along the way. This receives fourth place for being the only video game adaptation to expand the universe of the original franchise and become successful on its own terms.

Why there still hasn’t been a Megaman, Contra, or Metroid video game, the world may never know (or even a Double Dragon reboot), but as far as what is out there, the preceding group makes up the very best. Don’t see it this way? Fine, cook up a better list, but chances are it’ll suck ass.

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