Groundbreaking Adaptations of Video Games into Film

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Translating a concept from one medium to another is no small feat, especially when that creative journey involves making the leap from video game to the big screen. Many have tried, and even more have failed (looking at you Double Dragon), but along the way there have been some worthwhile efforts (not looking at you Street Fighter). Without a doubt, here are the very best in pixel to celluloid adaptations.
Groundbreaking Adaptations of Video Games into Film

5Super Mario Bros.

Yes, it threw away nearly everything about the most famous title in video game history. Yes, the two main characters weren’t even brothers. And yes it was a monumental box office flop, but still there’s something to be said for being the first live-action video game adaptation. Not unlike the multiverse wherein the movie’s plot takes place, somewhere in another dimension this Bob Hoskins/John Leguizamo joint did amazing and gave later filmmakers the opportunity to commit tons of resources to video game material. Gradually, (still in this other dimension), filmmakers predicted how cinematic video games would become in their own right, and stopped trying to create stupid reasons for pre-existing premises, instead letting the built-in audience love carry the property. Alas, this is the real world, and Super Mario Bros. did none of this, but still — video game or not, it’s one nutso viewing experience and deserves the fifth spot.

Why there still hasn’t been a Megaman, Contra, or Metroid video game, the world may never know (or even a Double Dragon reboot), but as far as what is out there, the preceding group makes up the very best. Don’t see it this way? Fine, cook up a better list, but chances are it’ll suck ass.

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