Absolute Best Video Games Set in the American Old West

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The Old West is as American as apple pie, doubly so if said pie was also baked during the Old West. From stagecoach shootouts to whiskey to eye winces, plenty of lists out there have been compiled of games with Western themes (i.e. rural despair, honor, conquering nature), albeit modern or fantastical settings. This one "aims" (…ugh) to include only those actually set in the second half of the 19th century (1850-1900). That being said, the following rankings embody the best of the best (never mind the rest/they don't stand the test). Anyway buckaroos, this compilation was done by a professional cowpoke. Do not try this at home.
Absolute Best Video Games Set in the American Old West

4Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (PS3/XBox 360)

A good ol' fashioned treasure hunt made up the premise of this throwback sequel, with little else to do than point, shoot, and explode. All very satisfying actions in their own right, and basically the founding principles of the American Old West. Gameplay followed the McCall brothers, giving players the option of choosing which sibling to embody during various missions. Through hill and dale, the McCall's encounter scurrilous characters, oppressed natives, and a legit curse on the very fortune they seek, which ends in familial bloodshed. Juarez is the only dedicated first person shooter on this list, suggesting the Western is best presented with a broader perspective. But like a dust-swept anti-hero, that doesn't keep this franchise from reloading, thus feistily earning the number 4 spot in this posse.

There it is buckaroos, an indisputable grouping of the only games set in the American Old West worth writing home about. Think you can do a lick better? Then go ahead and make an honest fool of yourself trying, but don't be surprised when things go south. Giddy up!

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